Brigyn4 ~ November 24, 2014
01. Ara deg
02. Fflam
03. Deffro
04. Gwyn dy fyd
05. Tlws
06. Pentre sydyn
07. Eryri
08. Ffilm
09. Weithiau
10. Machlud
11. Gwallt y forwyn
+ [2 bonus tracks - CD only: 'Cicio teiars' + 'Y Sŵn']
  A decade after first releasing their music to the world, and six and a half years since their previous studio album - here's Brigyn’s long-awaited album, ‘Brigyn4’.

The album features Welsh Music Prize winner and Manic Street Preachers collaborator Georgia Ruth Williams (on ‘Gwallt y forwyn’), as well as other multi-talented artists – Mei Gwynedd (Big Leaves/Sibrydion), Osian Williams (Candelas/Siddi), Angharad Jenkins (Calan/DnA), Jon Bradford-Jones (Catrin Finch/Fflur Dafydd a’r Barf), and Rob Reed (Magenta/Kompendium).

Amongst the 11 tracks on the album are: ‘Fflam’ - which was chosen as S4C’s soundtrack for their summer 2014 promos, ‘Gwyn dy fyd’ - commissioned originally for the ‘O’r Galon’ TV series on S4C, and ‘Ffilm’ - a track that was originally composed overnight with Meirion MacIntyre Huws and Rhodri Davies as part of the ‘Unnos’ series for C2, BBC Radio Cymru. ‘Weithiau’ is co-written by Brigyn and poet Mererid Hopwood.

Additionally, 2 hidden tracks (‘Cicio teiars’ and ‘Y Sŵn’) will appear on the CD format only.

The CD is available now from brigyn’s online shop.
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