Ailgylchu ~ August 6, 2007
01. Fel hyn...
02. Athrylith gwallgo' [Drone]
03. Saeth drwy'r galon [Pappy]
04. Ofn [Llwybr Llaethog]
05. Matchstick man [Jakokoyak]
06. Llinell yn pellhau
07. Wrth i'r haul fachlud [Evils]
08. Dim byd newydd [Llwybr Llaethog]
09. Yno yn dy gwmni
10. Diderfyn [Recordiau Safon Uchel]
  'Ailgylchu' (translated 'Recycle') is the concept album that contains a collection of remixed Brigyn tracks.

It features contributions by the cream of electronica artists based here in Wales and further a field. Only 500 copies of this CD were printed, and each one was individually numberd by hand.

The Limited Edition CD was also packaged in a unique case – made entirely from recycled materials. The album was received with huge critical acclaim, as well as much confusion.
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