Home / I Need All The Friends I Can Get ~ December 1, 2010
a. Home
aa. I Need All The Friends I Can Get
  This is Brigyn's second English-language single. The 'double A-side' was released in December 2010, and is available as a download from iTunes. A heartfelt and gentle pop record - both songs again showcase Brigyn's ability to effortlessly compose infectious hooks and melodies.

The lyrics for 'I Need All The Friends I Can Get' were inspired by a similarly titled book by Charles M. Schulz's 'Peanuts', and the release of this song coincided with the comic strip's 60th birthday during 2010.

'Home' on the other hand is quite simply a tribute to 'The Land Of Song', written following Brigyn's homecoming from another tour abroad earlier in the year - this time to Patagonia.

A limited-edition CD of this single was available exclusively from Brigyn's online shop.
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