Dulog ~ December 5, 2015
01. Dôl y Plu
02. Rhywle mae 'na afon
03. Ana
04. Llwybrau
05. Malacara
06. Fan hyn (Aquí)
07. Quincho
08. Ffenest
09. Deffro [live session - bonus track]
10. Pentre sydyn [live session - bonus track]
  Barely a year since the release of 'Brigyn4', a brand new collection of songs was released under the title 'Dulog' (Armadillo), named after the little creature that can be seen in Patagonia.

And the Patagonian theme certainly runs strongly through the album - with direct references to the interesting history of 'Y Wladfa' and it's people throughout the songs ['Malacara', 'Ana', 'Dôl y Plu' and 'Pentre sydyn' to name but a few].

The album concluded a year of special events to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Y Wladfa - the Welsh settlement in Patagonia.

There is a very special appearance by two other brothers on the album - Alejandro and Leonardo Jones, of Trevelin in the Andes. Both Alejandro and Leonardo took part in the 'Lap of Wales Challenge' with Rhys Meirion and several others over the summer, and in-between the travelling, they visited the studio with Brigyn - with both sets of brothers singing together in Welsh, and Spanish! ['Fan hyn (Aquí)']

The sound of the Bandoneon is woven throughout the album, played beautifully by Nicolas Avila. Nico, of Comodoro Rivadavia, travelled to Wales during July this year specifically to tour Wales with Brigyn.

In addition, the duet ['Ffenest'] with Casi Wyn – whom has recently become a familiar artist in the world of pop, with songs frequently heard on BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio 1 – appears on the album.

And the collaborations don't end there. With a track composed by legendary songwriter Emyr Huws Jones ['Rhywle mae 'na afon'], and appearances by Osian Huw Williams (Candelas/Siddi), Llŷr Pari (Palenco/Y Niwl), Mei Gwynedd (Big Leaves/Sibrydion) and Rob Reed (Magenta/Kompendium), there's even more to this 'Dulog' than meets the eye!

And to top it all – an unique piece of artwork by Ani Saunders appears on the cover of the album.

The CD is available from brigyn’s online shop.
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