Adolygiad Brigyn Bach: NINNAU
(The North American Welsh Newspaper)

Brigyn is a duo made up of brothers Ynyr and Eurig Roberts and that has developed a reputation for melodic rock sounds similar to that of groups such as Epitaff (of which the Roberts brothers were formerly part of) and Y Profiad and has become very popular in this genre over the last two years. They have played many performances in recent times, (including an appearance on the current Radio Cymru C2 live session "C2 yn y Ciwb") and have gained the approval of concert goers which seems a prerequisite for long-time success.

After their first two albums on Gwynfryn Cymunedol, Brigyn and Brigyn 2, the brothers have recently released a 7 inch vinyl single that is untitled, though is generally identified by the main track on it, "Buta Efo'r Maffia". I was alerted to this by a local newspaper review, where it was described as being quite different from their previous work, and of course I was interested enough to go out and look for it, ending up finding it at a new independent book/record shop in Caernarfon.

The single has three tracks on it, with "Buta Efo'r Maffia" being their most distinctive and most memorable. It has a bit of a "psychadelic" feel about it and is anything but melodic rock, but retains the catchy hooks that could potentially make it a big success on the welsh music scene if it ever get enough airplay.

On the flip side the first track is "Jericho", which has a lighter acoustic sound, closer to melodic rock but having more of a traditional feel to it as well. The single finishe with "Ty Bach Twt", which is actually a traditionally based song and it's short and sweet.

Overall, "Buta Efo'r Maffia" is an impressive effort, and I rate it 4.25 out of 5.

Edward W. Reid


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