Adolygiad Brigyn Bach: Glasswerk

It is commendable that Brigyn have yet to give in and offer an English-language release and whilst it may be infuriating to some that they are not able to translate the words, the music on this single speaks volumes in itself.

Title track ‘Buta Efro’r Maffia’ (Eating with the Mafia) has had comparisons rightfully made with Beck with its synth, guitar and drums coming together in a song that oozes cool. ‘Jericho’ has a beautiful acoustic riff reminiscent of Spanish guitar and is mixed with a slightly oom-pa-pa style bass line to create a jaunty folk number. Closing track ‘Ty Bach Twt’ is a haunting finale to the single and is full of orchestral beauty that stays with you a little while after the solo violin fade-out.

Do not let the Welsh put you off; this is a single in which the music alone will move you even if you do not understand the words.

Jess Titmus


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