Adolygiad 'Ailgylchu': Daily Post

This week, two new albums from artists hailing from opposite ends of North Wales - in terms of space, style, and language...

Brigyn released their third album Ailgylchu (Recycle) on Gwynfryn Cymunedol last month. As the name suggests, what we have here is that most elusive of beasts - the remix album.

Beloved of artists as varied as Bloc Party and Bjork, remix albums are surprisingly rare in Wales. I fail to see why, especially given our nation's (supposed) predilection for producing hand-gigging bands proficient in having a good time.

After all, remix albums offer the chance to forget about radio-friendliness and go a little bit cray-zee, with way-out interpretations of previously sedate pop songs.

Crikey, that's precisely what we have on Ailgylchu. Those elder statesmen of Welsh electro Llwybr Llaethog weigh in with two impressive reworkings, Dim Byd Newydd (Nothing New), and Ofn (Fear), the latter a version of the duo's Os Na Wnei Di Adael Nawr (If You Won't Leave Now) from their first album.

Cardiff's electro music maestro Evils, meanwhile, turns his hand at the track Angharad, twisting its peaceful sounds into an other-worldly soundscape. Be warned - easy listening this ain't, but goodness, it's good.

Ailgylchu is out on limited-edition CD now; go to for more information.

Craig Owen Jones


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