Brigyn 4 Review: Yr Herald Cymraeg

[English translation of Welsh-language Review]:

Brigyn - the duo formed by the two brothers Ynyr and Eurig Roberts as a branch of the pop group Epitaff are celebrating their birthday 10 years old this month.

And to make the celebration complete, the lads who hail originally from Penisarwaun, have released their fourth album.

For those who have not heard Brigyn before, they are quite difficult to place in any specific category. One must use a sentence such as: folk music, acoustic, independent, experimental with elements of electronica to come close to describing them.

They are also known for composing memorable songs, with charming melodies, and with Ynyr’s beautiful voice, are performed brilliantly.

The fourth album - Brigyn 4 - follows the same pattern.

There are a number of strong songs, with beautiful melodies here again. But the most prominent feature with this CD is that their music has matured.

I'm not sure how the partnership works in terms of writing the songs, but the lyrics must also be commended. The standard of lyrics is the downfall of several good Welsh groups. Unimaginative words or even worse, meaningless words that are thrown together just to fit the music.

Brigyn songs are complete songs.

There are 11 tracks on the CD - nine songs and two instrumental pieces, and I must say I had a taste of the collection immediately, especially the two opening song, and the last song.

A number of guest musicians such as Georgia Ruth Williams, Mei Gwynedd, Osian Williams and Angharad Jenkins appear on the album, which adds to the experience.

In a word - excellent.

Tudur Huws Jones


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