Decode Magazine:
Green Man Festival, Baskerville Hall, Hay-On-Wye, 19-21 August 2005

Let Russell Barker guide you through three days of cow love songs, “climactic undulating bicycle rides”, and Goethe’s theory of colour.

Friday 19 August:

Upon arriving at my first Green Man festival I spend a good while marvelling at the surroundings. Set in the grounds of Baskerville Hall, with one stage inside and one outside, it’s surrounded by the woods on one side and the valley rolling off to the hills on the other. Everything about the atmosphere is relaxed, from the lack of security to the lovingly shambolic organisation.

Opening proceedings are Brigyn, whose chilled out folky electronica ushers in the festival in suitably gentile fashion. They’re a guitar and keyboards duo, who sing the majority of their delightful numbers in Welsh. Highlights of their set include an acoustic number so slight it almost gets blown away and the moment the power goes down for the first of what will prove to be many times during the weekend. Sensing a moment worth seizing they get a small child on stage to play a shaker he’d just bought from one of the stalls, all to the accompaniment of a strummed acoustic guitar. On charm alone Brigyn are the first success of the festival.



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